Featured Artist: Kenneth Fuchs, part two

Publisher | choral music,composers,featured artist | Friday, November 12th, 2010

(Today’s entry is the continuation of YRM’s Dale Trumbore’s recent interview with composer Kenneth Fuchs.)

Yelton Rhodes Music: Do you have any suggestions or advice for choirs approaching your work for the first time?

Kenneth Fuchs: I believe that my music is in service to the words at all times. Understanding the text first is of paramount importance.

YRM: How do you go about finding texts to set? Is there a particular poet or poets whose work you enjoy setting?

KF: I love the prose and poetry of American writers. I read a lot and I am always on the lookout for texts that interest me. I feel especially close to the New England poets, but I am also interested in the works of American dramatists and novelists; I feel fortunate to have set the words of writers as diverse as Don DeLillo, Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, John Updike, and Lanford Wilson. Composers must never set a text that is not in the public domain without the permission of the author first!

YRM: Do you have any advice for other composers interested in having their works published by YRM?

KF: Choose your words carefully and set them well. Attention to prosody and proper word setting is essential. Few things show off a composer’s inexperience faster than words that do not sit properly on the music! Also, recordings of good performances are extremely helpful in placing a work with a publisher.

YRM: What do you enjoy about being published by and working with YRM?

KF: I admire Roger Bourland’s bold vision for YRM. He publishes a wide variety of works that often express strong points of view about social and political concerns. I consider it a privilege to have my choral works published by YRM!

Yelton Rhodes Music considers it a privilege to publish so many of Kenneth Fuch‘s beautifully-written choral pieces! 🙂

Please visit his webpage for more information about his work: www.kennethfuchs.com.

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